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Specializing in Private One-on-One Instruction

                            Safe Start Driving School offers Individual Hourly Sessions for those who would like personalized training to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to practice the proper techniques required to develop good driving skills. Start preparing for your Road Test today... Call 834-7555 to arrange an appointment.


Safe Start Program




Fully Approved Program 

        25 Hours In-Class Instruction
            10 Hours In-Car Training 

- Eligible to Get Your Licence 4 Months Early -

        - Qualify for Insurance Discount -

* Training Vehicle used for Road Test *


Topics Covered in the Classroom

Highway Transportation System
Traffic Control Devices
Administrative Laws
Physical and Mental Health
Road Rage
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Knowing Your Vehicle
Basic Maneuvers
Defensive Driving
Laws of Physics
Stopping Distance
Safety Technology (Restraint Systems)
Driving Techniques
Urban / Rural Environment
Expressway Driving
Adverse Conditions
Emergency Situations
Engine and Power Train
Auto$mart - Linking Safe & Fuel-Efficient Driving


Topics Covered in the Car

Pre-drive Inspection and Maintenance
Instruments, Gauges, and Controls
Under the Hood
Reversing Techniques
Emergency Braking
Steering and Visual Tracking
Rear-end Collision Avoidance
Following Distance
Time and Space Judgement
Highway Driving
Hazardous Intersections
Entering /Exiting Highway
Stops / Starts on Hills
Parallel Parking
Angle Parking
Passing and Being Passed
Lane Changes
Night Driving
Turning Maneuvers 
One Way Streets
Hazard Detection
Information Processing
Acceleration and Braking





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Last modified: December 21, 2010