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Specializing in Private One-on-One Instruction

                            Safe Start Driving School offers Individual Hourly Sessions for those who would like personalized training to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to practice the proper techniques required to develop good driving skills. Start preparing for your Road Test today... Call 834-7555 to arrange an appointment.




Safe Start Program
Private Instruction


Safe Start Driving School offers a choice of Driver Training options to suit your individual needs. Safe Start Driving School boasts the latest curriculum as well as specially equipped training vehicles featuring instructor-operated dual braking systems... which provides new drivers with an added level of safety while learning to drive.

Safe Start Program     Click HERE to learn more !

Fully Approved Program 

        25 Hours In-Class Instruction
            10 Hours In-Car Training

- Eligible to Get Your Licence 4 Months Early -

        - Qualify for Insurance Discount -

                                $750 (HST Included)


Private Instruction      Click HERE to learn more !

Private One-on-One  In-Car Training designed to meet your individual needs.

                                * Call for Rates






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Last modified: November 30, 2016